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What Employers & Clients Say About NEW Employment Services

Employer Testimonials

“I was very happy with the staff (Esra and Natalie) at New Employment Services. They are knowledgeable and were always available to answer any questions and provide feedback quickly. I would highly recommend them for future placement considerations. They were professional and very accommodating. The paperwork was well done. The only comment is the payment process was a little confusing however Esra was amazing and always was able to sort thing out for me. Thank you and I look forward to working with you in the future again.”

Nadia B, Employer

“Working with a Job Developer at NEW Employment Services allowed me the breathing room to properly train several new employees, without the challenge of finding extra time or funding to do so. In my case, this support has resulted in very well-trained staff, and has helped foster a very positive and educational work environment that encourages employees to continue growing their skills.”

Kyla E, Employer

“I would like to take a moment to thank Natalie Schaffer, my contact at New Employment Services for help above and beyond my expectations.

At the beginning of Sept. I found myself in a difficult situation. One of my long time employees (my son) returned to school. Then my only other employee in that dept. had a tour with his band booked last minute for 6 weeks from Oct to Nov. I had not had to hire for the last 4 years and with the changes in media I didn’t know where to start. I had experience with the youth employment program and got in touch with my previous liaison and was directed to New Employment Services. From there I gave a detailed description of the job and my expectations for the position. They searched for suitable resumes and sent them to me. I was able to hire a suitable replacement. The youth employment program offsets a portion of the cost to employ while training. This was invaluable. I have to supervise very closely and cannot leave my new employee on their own for some time. Paying two people for one job (while training) was not a pleasant thought. If you are in need of an employee and would accept help in finding them, these are the people to talk to. Professional and successful would sum up my experience with them. I would not hesitate to contact them again if I had another reason to do so.”

Dave W, Employer

“Sweets From The Earth has worked with NEW on a number of occasions; in particular, we turn to NEW first when we have a position to fill. Not only have you consistently recommended stellar candidates, some of whom we have hired, you also have made us aware of government grant programs to help defray training costs, and you have made it really simple for us to sign up qualified candidates for these programs. Aside from our joint successes, we know that we can rely on you, and NEW staff in general, to be committed to make the whole process of hiring, and of applying for a grant, a pleasant experience.

Thank you once again for all of your assistance in the past, and we look forward to working with you again in the future.”

Richard A, Employer

Client Testimonials

“The service that I received from Miss Fifie was great. She was excellent at providing job offers right away, making me feel that is the right place where to be. The welcome, the knowledge, and the organization that she had was what a person is looking for when she needs a job. I was very thankful for that.”

Patricia, NEW Employment Services Client

“I feel so glad and pleased with the services provide to me. I really appreciate the help from the Employment Counsellor, Sifiso Fifie. Thank you so much for making me feel like I belong here.”

Rajammal, NEW Employment Services Client

“New Employment Services is a great company they helped me to get my dream job. I never came across people who are so helpful. They really understood my strengths and weaknesses thorugh their screening process and even took time to turn my weakness into my strength. I would suggest to everyone who is looking for a career change or recent graduate to try their services.”

Fariha, NEW Employment Services Client

“It’s a pleasure for me to talk about NEW Employment Services. As a newcomer to Canada, I called information to find out how and where to get a job. I spoke with a gentleman who gave me four employment services and their phone numbers. He asked me to read the information back to him. He said to me “I would like you to pay special attention to New Comer Women’ Services on Danforth Ave and Please call that service first”. I followed his instruction. As soon as the call ended, I called NEW Employment Services. The benefits I got from New Employment Services has surpassed my expectation. I was placed in a job with an excellent manager, I was taught different skills on this job which is awesome. Thanks to NEW Employment Services I gained new skills that will last me a lifetime. I am a success because of New Employment Services. My job developer visited my job, communicated with my manager and myself making sure everything is on a professional level and both my manager and myself were happy. If you are out there and thinking of an employment service, I am giving you the same advice the operator gave to me and I quote him again “pay special attention to Newcomer Women Services on Danforth Ave. Lindsay, you and your team are excellent. You are appreciated.”

Amy, NEW Employment Services Client

“New Employment Services was wonderful to work with, and I highly recommend them. When I started my new job they helped assist me with my commute to work, and also supplied me with a fund to purchase proper work attire. They kept in touch to see how I was adapting and if there was anything I needed in my new job position. Thanks.”

Samantha W, NEW Employment Services Client