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#Extraordinary Paid Media Specialist

#Extraordinary Paid Media Specialist

Posted 2 months ago


Search Engine Marketing is a game. There are winners and losers, do you love to win?

Your job is to make calculated, informed, strategic bets and then optimize, tweak and report on the results. Our goal is to make sure those bets pay off, in a meaningful way and drive never-ending value to our clients. In order to do this properly, you need to determine the goals of our clients, analyze and plan the best course of action and execute on that plan to make sure we keep driving performance, like a crazy amount of performance. You up for it?

Who We Are

#Extraordinary people deliver #Extraordinary work, because that’s the only way to drive results for our clients. And make no mistake about it we’re all about results. As a strategic consultancy and digital marketing agency, we lead ambitious entrepreneurs and mission-driven, purpose-lead companies to growth. We tackle any business challenge that impacts client experience, the brand, and sales. We distill the core truths behind what drives a business, its essence, its purpose, its place in customers’ hearts and minds, and we take that to the market in the most creative, engaging, and story-driven ways possible.

Main Responsibilities – Strategy

●  Collaborate with the Strategy team to Plan, develop and implement our SEM strategy. – You are not just a Media Buyer, you are an integral part of the Strategy team.

●  Suggest improvements for process and productivity optimization – How can we do better?

●  Developing new strategies on the fly when the standard approach isn’t working. Think outside the box, try something new, don’t get complacent.

●  Pull reports and provide insights and observations on campaign performance at a high level.

●  Access the best platform for each campaign, Google, Facebook, Instagram, Bing, Amazon Web Services,

●  Perform competitive research, keyword management, and A/B testing.

●  Use optimization tools such as SEMRush, Wordstream, or find something better.

●  Time management, and analytical skills. You live your life like you run campaigns –

optimized and driven to perform.

Main Responsibilities – Campaign Management

●  Managing paid campaigns through PPC/Adwords/Facebook

●  Develop innovative strategies to increase lead volume, decrease cost per acquisition and outmaneuver the competition.

●  Perform in-depth audits to identify opportunities for potential clients’ campaigns.

●  Competitor research

●  Keyword research

●  Campaign set-up, Campaign settings (budget, geo, extensions).

●  Monthly/Weekly campaign management and maintenance of paid media channels & performance data.

○  Creating and managing ad groups

○  Upload ads (text, banners, or special ad configurations – i.e. carousel, canvas, shopping, remarketing)

○  Perform ad copy testing

○  Conduct keyword, placement & market research to make additions to new and existing campaigns.

○  Set negative keywords, Create new keywords, Pause ineffective keywords, Adjust bids,

○  Perform testing against various ad extensions.

●  Assist with creating in house scripts to automate account tactics, manage bids, optimize keyword segments, identify statistical anomalies, and utilize budgets.

●  Boost posts and ads on all performing platforms.

●  Participate in, and present reports to clients.

Please provide at least one example/breakdown of a campaign you’ve worked on. We’re looking for insights on how you approach setting up, maintaining, managing and tweaking a campaign.

The starting salary for this role is $55,000 CAD per year.

This position is full-time – Mon-Fri from 9 am to 5:30 pm EST Must be willing to commute/work in Markham.

To help us understand you better, please complete a short personality test at and include the results with your application.

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